Bringing Wellness and Mindfulness to Corporations

Bringing Wellness & Mindfulness to Corporations via engaging programs that combine the dynamics of team building and personal growth. Cultivate mental, physical and emotional resilience, step up as leaders, embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

With burnout, boreout, absenteeism, presenteeism and psychological safety becoming the centre of discussions, we are seeing a paradigm shift with workplace wellness becoming an integral part of an organisation’s talent management strategy.

The purpose of a modern workplace wellness program focuses not only on physical health but on stress management and meeting the holistic consideration of employee experience.

Great employee experience can mean higher retention rates, increase talent attraction and greater employee satisfaction.

Yoga Dose Workplace Wellness

“Employees want to feel loved and appreciated and when they do, really good things happen at work. They experience a sense of belonging, family, loyalty and care”

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Yoga Dose mindfulness

Being completely present is key to retaining as much as possible while making others feel valued.


Yoga Dose breathwork

Breath is Life! Stress causes us have Shallow Breath. Learn how to breathe like a baby.


Yoga Dose yoga asana

Yoga is for everyone. The more inflexible you are the more you need it. Mobility is key to health.


Yoga Dose cardio

Most of us don’t like to exercise. The trick is to adopt a Sustainable form of Fitness that works.


Yoga Dose fitness

When gym is not a top option, working out with our own body becomes a great alternative.


Yoga Dose insights

Get into a deeper understanding of yourself. That is where change begins and great things happen.

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